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Absinthe Ordinaire

Absinthe Ordinaire – named after the medical doctor Dr. Ordinaire who sold Absinthe as a universal remedy during the 18th century. Made from the plants' exctracts and essences.

Absinthe Ordinaire Classic

Typical french style, flavour based on wormwood and aniseed, slightly accentuated by other herbs.

Drinking recommendation: with 3-4 parts of water.

Absinthe Ordinaire Strong

Absinthe with high percentage of alcohol and great impact. Strong with a bitter taste.
Drinking recommendation: with 4 parts of water, sugar often advised.

Absinthe Ordinaire Bizarre

Absinthe in rainbow colours with strong alcoholic content and little aniseed.
Drinking recommendation: with appr. 3-4 parts of water, and yes, with sugar.


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